Jessica Collins  Artemis  British ₪ 18 ₪ Jane Levy ₪ Taken

 Artemis was the goddess of the hunt, night and moon, & a patron of young virginal girls. What the greeks did not know, was that this status as a virgin huntress was forced on the young girl. As she grew, she got closer and closer to Poseidon. Over the millennia, Artemis fell in love with the god of the seas. Zeus never approved of the match, partially for the union of land and sea in the deities, and it only added to the rivalry between the brothers. In the dying centuries of Greece, she struck an accord with Alexander the Great and would often visit him in private to talk to him as a sister. Yes, Zeus was his father, and Artemis encouraged his belief in it, much to the god’s chagrin. Despite all of this, Artemis always supported the god of the skies, and was always a valued member of the Twelve of the Pantheon.

 Jessica grew up in London, England, and was one of the very first to be found by Rhea. Though she never had an affinity for archery, Artemis’ signature weapon, she was a night owl from a very young age. Her and her twin brother were complete opposites, even being born in different positions (Jessica feet first) and at different times of the day. The hard labour lost the twins their mother, and so they were raised by their father, and later, step mother.

When she was discovered and confronted by Rhea, Jessica was more than happy to leave London behind. She may miss the city, but not her former life. She was never happy in that life and suffered from teenage depression, though the pills barely seemed to do her any good. Later she would learn the cause of both her unhappiness and her immunity to mortal pills was down to her spiritual godhood.

Powers and Abilities include;

  • Remarkable aim.
  • Affinity with young girls.
  • Control and influence over wild creatures and plants.
  • Healing, limited to women.

3 Words to Describe;

  • Rash
  • Playful
  • Strong
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